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21st July 2009

Audio with 659 plays with 18 notes

DJ Sega - Boss Theme

DJ Sega - New Jack Philly (2009)

Tagged: DJ Sega

19th July 2009

Audio with 187 plays reblogged from Basement Zombie with 11 notes

All-City Arson - 07-02-09b v1.2
Panic in Pod Six!
All-City Arson
(via Basement Zombie)

Tagged: All-City Arson

10th July 2009

Audio with 26 plays

Santigold – Creator (Mumdance War Bars Remix)

(via Mad Decent)

Tagged: SantigoldMumdance

8th July 2009

Audio with 43 plays with 1 note

Supercat - Don Dada

Soul Jazz Presents 100% Dynamite NYC (2009)

Tagged: Supercat

30th June 2009

Audio with 59 plays with 4 notes

DJ Spooky vs. The Dub Pistols - Peace in Zaire (Dub Pistols inna NYC Style)

DJ Spooky - Subliminal Minded EP (1999)

Tagged: DJ SpookyDub Pistols

26th June 2009

Audio with 60 plays with 3 notes

Kool Keith/Wizone - Dissect the Style (Ming/FS Remix)

The Drastic Jungle Project (2000)

Tagged: Kool KeithWizoneMing/FS

26th June 2009

Audio with 111 plays with 11 notes

Kool Keith - Sly We Fly (featuring Motion Man)

Kool Keith - Sex Style (1997)

Tagged: Kool KeithMotion Man

26th June 2009

Audio with 35 plays with 1 note

Mad Lion - Double Trouble

Soul Jazz Presents 100% Dynamite NYC (2009)

Tagged: Mad Lion

22nd June 2009

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King Tubby- Skylarking Dub

Tagged: King TubbyHorace Andy

17th June 2009

Audio with 2,420 plays with 3 notes

OutKast - Bombs Over Baghdad (B.O.B.)
OutKast - Stanonia (2000)

Tagged: OutKast